Welcome to my homepage!

👋 Hi

This is my homepage hosted on Neocities that will help direct you to my various projects across the net.

🔗 Projects

Here is a list of my projects that you can find across the web.

💡 Why?

For the love of all things simple and a lean web.
"We are tired of living in an online world where people are isolated from each other on boring, generic social networks that don't let us truly express ourselves. It's time we took back our personalities from these sterilized, lifeless, monetized, data mined, monitored addiction machines and let our creativity flourish again.

That's where Neocities comes in. We provide a canvas for people to make any web site they want. Whether it be a web site about something they're good at, something they love, something they hate, or their own completely customized profile where they can introduce themselves in a way that actually matters to them.

Our goal: to enable you to harness the creativity, beauty, and power of creating your own web site. To rebuild the web we lost to automation and monotony, and make it fun again.

Neocities is just getting started, and we've got a lot of amazing things in store. I strongly believe that, with your help, we're really going to shake things up on the web. Thank you for believing in us (and yourselves).

Long Live the Web!"
--Kyle Drake, Founder, Neocities

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